Personalised Learning

Blending with the workshop follow-up activities and scholar-led workshops, personalised learning allows scholars to shape learning interventions around their individual needs and offerings.

Workshop Follow-up Activities

Scholars are encouraged to initiate and contribute to follow-on activities after workshops so that the learning is put into practice, built upon, shared, and reflected upon. We hope that these activities mean that the workshops have real impact.


Examples of follow-on activities that you can get involved with are:


  • Coaching groups

  • Mentoring

  • Public speaking support and feedback


If you have any ideas for how to continue the learning after a workshop or event, contact us and we will see how we can help you make it happen.

Brain Trusts

Scholar coordinated peer brainstorming for any problem you’d like to get some help with.


..seeing the scenario from all angles would not have been possible without the opportunity to think them out loud in the safe space of a Brain Trust. It also helped me see possibility that I had not considered before.” – Madeline Weeks


To request a brainstrust, contact us with a brief one paragraph outline of the decision or challenge you would like to discuss (or keep it confidential if you feel that would be better), and propose 3-6 scholars or alumni you think would provide quality insight and support for the Brain Trust. The working group coordinators will reach out to them as well as others to find the right time and place for the meet-up. 

Skills Share

Short and informal scholar-led sessions that focus on sharing a particular skill with other scholars. Examples are:


  • Bibliographic software

  • Using LateX for writing


If you have a particular skill that you think other scholars would benefit from learning, please contact us and we can help you organise a Skills Share Session. Organizing a skill share session can also a great and safe way to learn how to teach and build towards facilitating workshops in the future

Blogs and Experience Sharing

Many scholars write to share their thoughts and experiences related to the Learning for Purpose programme.



​If you write a blog or have an experience to share that you think would be helpful for other scholars, contact us and we could include a link to it here.